亜 真里男 Mario A
亜 真里男 Mario A

Mario A
Japanese Artist

Born 1959 in Baden, Switzerland. Discontinued studies at Berlin Art University (former HdK). Obtained Master of Arts at Free University of Berlin. Has worked and lived in Japan since the mid 1980s. Mario A became the first so-called “Japanese” artist with non-Asian heritage in the history of Japanese contemporary art. Widely recognized as the most challenging and provocative artist of his generation in Japan. Critic Satoru Nagoya in 2016: “most outstanding oil painter in Japan”.

His works are part of institutional and private collections in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland and the U.S.A. Nominated for the ‚Paris Photo‘ art fair jury prize 2006. Exhibitions held in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Academy of the Arts, Berlin, Rietberg Museum, Zürich, Museum of Modern Arts, Amstelveen, all important art fairs.

Moved from Mizuma Art Gallery to Aoyama Meguro Office (Hideki Aoyama). Recent solo shows at the Art Fair Tokyo and “The situation is under control” Aozora Mimi, Tokyo (curated by Hideki Aoyama) 2016.
Represented by AOYAMA MEGURO OFFICE (Tokyo), Esther Woerdehoff Gallery (Paris), Elaine Levy Projects (Bruxelles)
Selected monographs: “Berlin – A Winter’s Tale after the Wall” (1991, text by Wim Wenders), “Japanese Literary Figures” (1991, text by Kenzaburo Oe), “F THE GEISHA” (1999, text by Yoko Tawada), “ma poupée japonaise” (2001, text by Masahiko Shimada), “Mario A: Japanese Artist” (2004, critique by Kentaro Ichihara), “The World Is Beautiful” (2006), “The situation is under control” (2016, critique by Kentaro Ichihara), “Voice of the Nation” (2017)
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亜 真里男

1959年バーデン・スイス生まれ。ベルリン美術大学中退後、ベルリン大学修士修了。東京都現代美術館他で作品発表。ミヅマアートギャラリーから青山|目黒 OFFICE (青山秀樹)へ移動。2016年、青山秀樹の青空耳のディレクションにより活躍中。
2016年5月「アートフェア東京」にて個展。2016年9月青空耳(東京の青山|目黒スペース)にて個展「The situation is under control」。批評家名古屋覚により「日本で最も優れた油彩を制作する画家の一人、いや唯一の一人」
作品集・書籍:「ベルリン・壁のあとで」ヴィム・ヴェンダース(文)1991年、「日本文学者」大江 健三郎(文)1991年、「Prélude à la Japonaise」松浦理英子 (文) 1996年、「F THE GEISHA」多和田葉子 (文) 1999年、「カメラの前のモノローグ 埴谷雄高・猪熊弦一郎・武満徹」2000年、「ma poupée japonaise」島田雅彦 (文) 2001年、「マリオ・A 日本美術家」市原研太郎 (解説) 2004年、「The World Is Beautiful」2006年、「The situation is under control」市原研太郎 (解説) 2016年、「国民の声」2017年、他多数。