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I love my country Japan

Already one horrible week passed since “3/11”. We should never forget this sorrow and suffering during our lifetime.

I’m praying for all the people in the shelters around the Sendai/Fukushima region, who may be able to return to their normal daily lives as soon as possible. I’m hoping also that people change their mind regarding nuclear power plants.

Fortunately my daily life in Tokyo isn’t in much difficulty. However, as everybody else, I’m very much afraid by the possibility of radiation from the human made disaster in the nuclear power plants of Fukushima. I experienced Chernobyl (when in Germany) and the 1995 Kobe earthquake (flew in on the second day). Mentally I’m prepared for those disasters, I am calm and did all the necessary preparations for the worst-case-scenario. In the meantime more and more people are leaving Tokyo, Japanese and foreigners. I can understand their frightening.

I have no plan to leave Tokyo. I am actually caring about my Japanese partner and her parents. As a Japanese artist I want to die in Japan. May I attach the photographs taken 3 hours ago in Tokyo.

Tokyo, 2011/3/18
Mario A

I love my country Japan.